Confessions Of A Strip Club Owner – The Butt Naked Truth By Lenny J. Moore

Confesstions Of A Strip Club Owner – The Butt Naked Truth by Lenny J. Moore. The most anticipated book of the decade. Learn all the behind the scenes stories and secrets of what really goes on in the most famous strip clubs in the world as told by the Founder and Creator of The King Of Diamond’s, Diamond’s Cabaret, Club Black Gold, Queen Of Diamond’s and Black Gold Magazine. Over the last 20 years Lenny Moore has been one of the most influential and respected names, owner’s and operator’s in the strip club game. Setting the standards and raising the bar to new heights of what gentlemen clubs should be. His innovative ideas and creative ways of out of the box thinking, single handedly turned the urban strip club game upside down and made it the cool place to be seen. Countless celebrities, NBA and NFL players call his clubs home each night. Building each one of his strip clubs from the ground up and taking them all to number #1 in the country. And along the way turning many strippers into bonafide super stars. Currently over 96 songs by major artists make mention of his clubs on radio each day. Over 600 million views on YouTube and millions more videos posted on social media. In his 409 page biography Lenny reaveals all the things you really wanted to know but were afaid to ask. The money, unlimited hot ladies, exotic cars, private yacht parties, private mansion parties, private jets, the sex, the hottest dancers, custom wardrobes, the betrayals, the backstabbing, A-List celebrities, swinger clubs, the haters, scandals, freak shows, police raids, the fights, dancer drama, fighting City Hall and winning and all the secrets to running a successful strip club or nightclub. “If I died today, I’d owe something back, because I’ve lived the life of several men.” A must read for all owners, managers, emoloyees, strippers and customers in the strip club business. Guaranteed to blow you away. All 409 pages packed with jaw dropping stories. Release date April 15, 2015. Just $19.95


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