Confessions Of A Strip Club Owner – The Butt Naked Truth by Lenny J. Moore The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Written About The Strip Club Business. A Must Read For All Dancers, Owners, Managers and Strip Club Patrons. If you have ever wondered what goes on in a strip club or what it takes to run one, then this book is for you. No holds barred secrets from the King Of Urban Strip Clubs, Lenny J. Moore. Lenny shares his 22 years of experiences of being the Founder And CEO of the world’s most famous strip clubs; King Of Diamonds, Diamonds Cabaret, Club Black Gold and Queen Of Diamonds. Over 250,000 dancers have worked for Lenny Moore over the past 22 years and millions of customers and celebrities have visited his clubs. Now you get to learn first hand what it took to be successful in the game for over two decades from the man himself in his tell all biography. Over 409 pages of jaw dropping events. Just $19.95


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