Billy Luckett Hypnotherapy With Dr. Lenny Moore
Dr. Lenny Moore Hypnosis
I NEVER DO THIS, HOWEVER I FELT COMPELLED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU. Over the years I’ve treated hundreds of clients with hypnotherapy. My specialty is spinal cord injuries and stroke victims along with phobias and addictions. My client list reads like a who’s who with tons of big named celebrities, movie stars, NFL and NBA players and so on. A couple of months ago I received a phone call out of the blue from a young lady, Savannah Puckett, saying she’d seen one of my videos on YouTube treating a quadrapalegic patient. She explained to me in a very convincing fashion that I must treat her brother who had been paralyzed from the head down due to a snowmobile accident he’d had at age 14, which was 7 years ago. The doctors had given up hope that Billy would ever be able to move any of his body parts or walk again. The doctors even told his parents that he would be brain damaged and informed them that they wanted to remove his tounge because he wouldn’t ever speak again. They refused the surgery. His family has spent hundreds of thousands through insurance, personal savings and donations on various treatments. Even though my case load was completely full I decided to see Billy Luckett. After my first session with Billy the results were remarkable. I’m based out of Miami and Billy and his family lives in St. Clair Michigan just outside of Detroit. I moved some of appointments around and flew up to spend 4 days treating him. His attitude and determination was incredible. I eliminated his extreme body spasms and proceeded to treat his paralysis. After just 4 sessions Billy has gained control of his neck muscles, shoulder muscles, limited control of his back muscles and is slowly regaining feeling in his arms and legs.Oh, Billy speaks very well with a huge vocabulary and has no signs of brain damage whatsoever.  He captured my heart with his will, determination and positive attitude to get his life back. In a short time Billy will continue to improve and is expected to make tremendous strides in his recovery. To all of my FB friends if you could please look up Billy Luckett on YouTube for true inspiration. And if you so desire you can send a donation for his continued treatment to: William Luckett IV
22448 Bayview Drive St. Clair Shores MI 48081.
I will continue to donate my efforts to his cause. A really great young man.


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